• How to Deal with a Self Leveling Suspension Failure in Your Jaguar

    Posted on December 21, 2021 by masterwpuser
    Jaguar Braking Difficulty

    Jaguar vehicles need maintenance and servicing from time to time. Sometimes, your Jaguar may face a self-leveling suspension failure. A vehicle’s suspension is designed to absorb shock for a smooth driving experience. A self-levelling suspension reads the loads and adjusts the car’s height automatically using sensors and an internal computer.

    This suspension technology also improves the even distribution of braking power, making it more efficient for your safety. Now, let’s understand the symptoms of self-leveling suspension failure.

    Warning Signs of Self Leveling Suspension Failure

    • Vehicle Sitting Low to the Ground: The self-levelling suspension maintains the level of your car. Your car will sit lower to the ground if the self-levelling suspension is not functioning correctly. You may notice this issue with heavier loads. With a failed self-levelling suspension, the shock will not be absorbed after striking a pothole or a bump. This will make your drive bumpy and unpleasant, and could damage other parts in your car.
    • Difficulty in Applying Brakes: When the suspension system does not function properly, the braking power won’t be equally distributed. As a result of a defective self-levelling suspension, you might face difficulty in applying brakes.
    • Shock Absorption Failure: The self-leveling suspension keeps the car in a set position above the road and does not allow the vehicle’s chassis to sit low to the ground. The self-leveling suspension also reduces vibrations and lets you have a smooth driving experience. However, with a malfunctioning suspension system, the shock from the ride cannot be adequately absorbed.

    The self-leveling suspension system consists of various components with different functions. If these components are not regularly serviced, they might cause issues resulting in the suspension system’s failure.

    Causes of Self Leveling Suspension Failure

    • Air Leaks: Air can leak from cracks or gaps that form in the connections of the system. The accumulators contain rubber bladders that are not readily visible. These bladders can develop rips or tears, resulting in leaks. Air leaks are the very frequent cause of self-leveling suspension failure because the parts wear out over time and need replacement or repairing.
    • Faulty Suspension Struts: When a strut is damaged, you may notice that your Jaguar will sit lower in one corner compared to the rest. A defective strut should be replaced immediately.
    • Defective Air Compressor: The air compressor is responsible for controlling the air pressure in the self-leveling suspension. Any damage to the air compressor will directly affect the functioning of the suspension system.
    • Damaged Relay Circuit: The relay circuit controls the electrical circuits. So when a relay circuit is damaged, it will not perform its functions, and this will cause the self-leveling suspension to malfunction.
    • Screeching Sounds: When the self-leveling suspension fails, the suspension system makes screeching-like or unusual sounds due to shocks.
    • Leakage in the Leveling Valves: When this valve begins to malfunction, it might cause serious problems. Internal leaks can occur, which might be challenging to locate. It can also leak externally, which is simpler to detect.

    Any of these problems can undermine the suspension system’s structure, causing it to collapse. It is not advisable, as it is unsafe to continue driving your Jaguar with such failed mechanisms over rough roads. A defective self-leveling suspension can lead to additional damages to your vehicle.

    Masters European & Japanese Auto Repair is Here to Help You

    Since the self-leveling suspension is a complex system, any problem in the system should be repaired right away through Jaguar experts. Masters European & Japanese Auto Repair is stocked with all the latest factory-grade tools and equipment required to treat your Jaguar’s issues. With the use of proper tools for the job, we provide you with a quick and accurate diagnosis so we can help you restore the performance of your Jaguar.

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