Off-roading is tons of fun in the proper time and place for it but not in your European car on the freeway. Your car’s suspension keeps your ride smooth and comfortable and if something is off, you’ll notice it almost immediately. Whether it’s feeling every bump in the road or feeling like the bottom is falling out when you hit a speed bump, a bad suspension can cause serious damages to your car. At Masters European & Japanese Auto Repair we help European auto owners all throughout the Mill Valley area service their car’s suspension.

European Cars We Service

These brands are known for their high standards of safety and performance. Keeping your suspension properly maintained will help ensure your car is always at the level that you expect. With decades of experience, our mechanics provide your car with the high-quality services and repairs it needs.

Getting the Problem Solved Faster

Our shop is fully equipped with all the latest factory-grade tools and equipment you’d find at the dealerships. This helps our technicians diagnose and repair any issue in your suspension faster than the dealerships and more accurate. Your suspension is made up of many smaller components that can be prone to wear and tear. In our inspections we’ll check every piece of your suspension and make all the necessary repairs including:

  • Springs
  • Shock Absorbers
  • Struts
  • Arms
  • Bars
  • Joints
  • Bushings
  • Linkages

No matter how big or small the repair is, we back our work with an unconditional 2-year/24,000-mile warranty. With our quality and your satisfaction guaranteed, there’s no reason to put off service or drive uncomfortably any longer!

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Masters European & Japanese Auto Repair is the go-to shop for drivers in Mill Valley and surrounding areas like:

Since 1978 we’ve provided drivers with an affordable, reliable, and trustworthy alternative for European auto service and repair. If you’re experiencing suspension issues or would like to learn more about our maintenance programs, please call or visit our shop today.

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