• How is Your Jaguar’s Performance Affected by a Poor Air Suspension System?

    Posted on June 26, 2020 by masterwpuser
    Jaguar Air Suspension System

    Jaguars have the latest technologies in place to ensure that every drive is as comfortable as possible. One such technology is the air suspension system. This new suspension system was established to provide the driver with the smoothest ride possible. So when this system begins to run poorly, drivers notice almost immediately. This should be quickly addressed so the performance of your Jaguar is not negatively affected for long.

    The Air Suspension System

    In all luxury vehicles, including your Jaguar, the regular suspension system is being replaced and upgraded. Where there used to be coil springs, there is now air. The air suspension system has air springs, which are chambers with bags of air. This modern suspension system acts in the same way as the conventional model, just in a more sophisticated way.

    The air in the air suspension system is controlled by several solenoids so that they can be adjusted in order to be tailored specifically to drivers. Adjustments can be in regards to the amount of air flowing through the system and the level the air pressure. All of these are in place to ensure that all the bumps, humps, and vibrations are absorbed and transferred elsewhere. This way, you do not feel them as you are driving.

    The above details the basics of how the air suspension system works, but there are different functions of the system in order to best fit your needs. For example, there is a specific air suspension system that will carry more weight, and one that can easily be adjusted in order to give the driver better handling. This is helpful information to know if you ever decide that you want to change out your regular air suspension system for something more specific. For the most part, the one you have in your Jaguar will do perfectly fine and will give you the smoothest ride for commuting and running around town.

    Signs of a Poor Air Suspension System

    If the air suspension system in your Jaguar begins to act poorly, then it can have serious negative implications for your entire driving experience.

    Bumpy Ride

    The first sign that can indicate a poor air suspension system is a rough or bumpy ride. The main function of the air suspension system is to absorb all the movements along the road so you never feel them as you are driving, thus providing you with a comfortable ride. If there is a problem with the air suspension system, then you will notice a drastic change in how smooth your ride is.

    Sagging or Leaning

    Another warning that will alert you to a poor air suspension system is a sag on one side of your Jaguar’s suspension. The technology in your Jaguar automatically adjusts to support the weight of your vehicle and maintains the correct height no matter if you are parked on an incline, flat land, or uneven surface. However, if the air suspension system is poor and has a leak, you may notice sag on one side of your vehicle when parked on more flat terrain.

    The Negative Impact of a Poor Air Suspension System

    If there is anything lacking with the air suspension system in your Jaguar, you are going to experience a poor ride every time you drive. You will not have the comfort and handling experience you expect from your model. You and your passengers may be jostled around because you will feel every bump, dip, and rise in the road. The comfort factor alone is enough to repair the air suspension system as quickly as possible. Also, if left unattended long enough, other parts of your Jaguar could be negatively affected and damaged, leading to more costly repairs.

    Jaguar Air Suspension System Check

    Repairing the Air Suspension System

    If you have noticed any of the signs above indicating that your Jaguar may have a poor air suspension system, it is time to bring it into Masters European & Japanese Auto Repair. We are easily accessible from the areas of Corte Madera, Larkspur, Sausalito, Tiburon, and Mill Valley, CA. We are a family-owned business that will take care of your Jaguar as if it were our own. Our expert technicians use the latest and most up to date tools to repair air suspension systems and maintain the intricate components of your Jaguar.

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