• When & Where to Replace Your Audi’s Engine Mount in Mill Valley

    Posted on May 26, 2020 by masterwpuser
    Audi Engine Mount

    Audis are sleek, stylish, and more than a little sexy. They purr like a tiger and fly like a cheetah, ready to overtake anything on the road, and look better doing it. However, they require a regular maintenance and tune-up schedule to keep their engines in tip-top shape.

    Sometimes, you may experience a more unusual problem with your Audi, such as a failing or failed engine mount. While this is not incredibly common in newer cars, older models or vehicles that have a history of being driven hard and put away without maintenance may exhibit symptoms of a failed engine mount.

    If not caught in time, an engine mount problem can snowball into more severe damage, potentially causing direct danger to the driver or other vehicles on the road. It’s important to know the signs of a struggling engine mount so you can get your car into a qualified mechanic as quickly as possible.

    Your Audi’s Engine Mount

    Your Audi’s engine mount is the component that physically holds your engine in your vehicle. In most cars, your engine and transmission are bolted together, as they require each other to function correctly. Your transmission mount is the piece that holds the transmission in place. All other mounts are referred to as engine mounts. Typically, there are two direct mounts between your engine and your vehicle.

    Your engine mount has two jobs:

    • holding your engine in place
    • reducing the engine vibration and its effect on your vehicle

    Engine mounts are lined with rubber so there is no direct (and dangerous) metal-on-metal contact between your Audi’s body and the engine itself. Some engine mounts may be filled with liquid to further dampen the vibration by functioning as a shock absorber.

    Symptoms of a Failing Engine Mount

    There are several symptoms of a failed engine mountain, depending on the particular cause and type of damage. Most commonly, issues with the engine mount arise when the rubber part cracks, breaks, or separates. In a liquid-filled mount, the “equivalent” damage is when liquid starts leaking from its chamber.

    If this is the case, you will feel excessive vibration in the cabin of the car, likely in conjunction with increased engine noise. Frequently, the vibration will be most noticeable in idle with an engaged transmission, as there is no outside movement to counter the shaking.

    Dependent upon the model, your Audi may exhibit other signs such as thumping or jolting when shifting into drive, reverse, or adjusting your acceleration. You may also notice difficulty in shifting between park, drive, and reverse and experience increased vibration at highway speeds.

    If you have a bad transmission mount in addition to a bad engine mount, you may notice squeaking or grinding when shifting gears.

    Failed Engine Mount Diagnosis

    When you bring your vehicle in to a mechanic, they will be able to diagnose a bad engine mount based on a visual inspection. Parts of your mount, especially the rubber or liquid chamber, may appear cracked, separated, torn, or otherwise worn. In a liquid mount, your Audi will likely be leaking liquid. Additionally, a worn-out mount will most likely sag on the side that is broken.

    It’s important to get your vehicle inspected as soon as you suspect a broken engine mount, as one broken mount drastically increases the likelihood another will break from the increased strain. It’s not uncommon for engine mounts to break in pairs if left unattended more than a short time.

    It should be noticed that a broken exhaust pipe hanger can create identical symptoms to a broken engine mount, so it’s important that your mechanic complete a thorough inspection.

    Audi Engine Mount Replacement

    When to Replace Your Audi’s Engine Mount

    There is no form of maintenance for your engine mount; either it’s broken and needs to be replaced or it has some time left in it yet. If you fall into the former category, bring your vehicle in to Masters European & Japanese Auto Repair of Corte Madera, Larkspur, Sausalito, Tiburon, and Mill Valley, CA. We have serviced European and Japanese cars since 1978 in our family-owned and operated garage. We believe that customer service is paramount and offer only the highest quality in service and parts for all of Mill Valley and the surrounding areas.

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