• Wheel Misalignment Can Negatively Affect the Performance of Your Volkswagen

    Posted on September 17, 2020 by masterwpuser
    Volkswagen Wheel

    Many drivers opt for a European-designed automobile, based on their reputations for combining the essentials of safety and efficiency with exciting performance. In the case of the Volkswagen, from the sporty Jetta to the Tiguan SUV, the remarkable craftsmanship and innovative design are best demonstrated by its smooth performance, durability, speed, and the fact that it remains one of the most affordable European automobile options on the market year after year.

    Maintaining the highest standard for your Volkswagen’s parts and systems is the key to a long healthy life for your automobile. Wheel alignment is one of the most essential items to regularly diagnose and service in your Volkswagen. This structure affects the entire performance of your vehicle in some significant ways. Let’s take a closer look into the problems of misaligned wheels.

    Wheel Alignment and Performance of Your Volkswagen

    A technician performs a wheel alignment in your Volkswagen by adjusting the suspension system. The suspension system works closely with the wheels to keep your car safely on the road, so it makes sense that repairing the suspension would impact the alignment of the wheels.

    To properly align the wheels, an automotive technician will need to adjust three main data points: the caster, the camber, and the toe. These three sets of information refer to the positions and direction of the wheels on the vehicle.

    As you can imagine, if these numbers are off, your wheels are misaligned and this will impact your suspension and the overall performance and safety of the vehicle. Each Volkswagen leaves the factory with a specific caster, camber, and toe measurement, so when your technician aligns your wheels, they are readjusting those three components to return them to the right place.

    Volkswagen has grown to become the most affordable option in the market of sought-after European cars, with all of the celebrated features and class of more expensive cars.Only an automotive technician can adequately perform a wheel alignment on your Volkswagen.

    Scheduling regular maintenance and service for your Volkswagen at an auto shop that knows your car best can be the difference that extends the life and performance of your vehicle.

    When to Take Your Volkswagen in for a Wheel Alignment

    Similar to the warning signs that point to an issue with the suspension system, there are a few crucial clues to watch out for to determine if your Volkswagen needs a wheel alignment.

    As much as we might like the thrill of a squealing tire when we turn onto the highway, this can be a sign that your wheels aren’t aligned. Check the tread and general condition of your tires frequently, and if they appear worn or uneven, this might be a warning sign of misalignment as well.

    The most apparent sign of misalignment is if the vehicle veers to the right or left while you are driving. If you notice this in your Volkswagen, be sure to take it into the shop right away.

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    Volkswagen Wheel Alignment

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