• Warning Signs of a Plugged Catalytic Converter in Your Land Rover

    Posted on November 4, 2020 by masterwpuser
    Land Rover Catalytic Converter

    To understand the problems with a plugged catalytic converter in your Land Rover and how to fix these problems, we must first understand the purpose of the catalytic converter.

    To make a complicated piece of tech simple, a catalytic converter is a device that controls exhaust emissions and reduces pollutants and toxic gases from your Land Rover’s engine. It turns these into less toxic pollutants and gases. Basically, the catalytic converter turns harmful gases into less harmful exhaust.

    Catalytic converters are fairly long-lasting and usually make it around a decade or so before they need to be fixed or replaced. However, ignoring a broken catalytic converter can cause further damage to your Land Rover, which can be very expensive or even irreversible.

    Remember if your car is used, old, or not well-maintained, your catalytic converter could be one of the problems you’re experiencing with your Land Rover without you even knowing it.

    What causes damage in your catalytic converter?

    There are a number of reasons your catalytic converter can be plugged, damaged, or otherwise compromised. Firstly, it could be contaminated by lead gasoline or diesel, which can ruin the catalysts within the catalytic converter. However, leaded fuels are few and far between these days, so this is a less likely scenario.

    It could also be the result of engine coolant leaking into your Land Rover’s engine combustion system. This can plug up your catalytic converter and prevent the toxic gases and pollutants from passing through it properly.

    Third, and maybe most distressingly, the components could be entirely removed. There are precious metals such as platinum inside of catalytic converters, and unfortunately they can be stolen and sold to metal collectors and the like for a quick buck. Make sure your catalytic converter is still in your Land Rover before you start diagnosing the car’s problems as a result of it being broken or damaged.

    Symptoms of a Plugged Catalytic Converter

    Some of the following are symptoms of a catalytic converter that is plugged, blocked, or damaged in some way. Be on the lookout for these signals that something is wrong with your Land Rover.

    Your engine runs poorly or feels “sluggish.”

    If your land rover is running poorly, feels slow, sluggish, or not as reactive as usual, this could be a sign of a broken or damaged catalytic converter.

    The exhaust coming from your tailpipe looks dark

    If the smoke coming out of your tailpipe looks dark and smoggy, it could be a result of toxic gases and pollutants coming directly out of your exhaust system, as they’ve not passed through the catalytic converter properly. This is a tell-tale sign that something is wrong.

    The underside of your vehicle is extremely hot

    Excessive, unburned gas can cause the catalytic converter to overheat. This can be caused by a leaking exhaust valve, or a spark plug that misfires. Either way, excessive heat coming from the underside of the vehicle can most certainly be a malfunctioning catalytic converter, and should be taken seriously.

    Your exhaust smells like rotten eggs

    Similar to the dark smog, the scent of sulfur and/or rotten eggs should instantly put you on notice that something is wrong with your catalytic converter, as the toxic gases and pollutants that are supposed to be dealt with are making their way out of your car.

    Your check engine light is on

    This could be the result of any number of issues in your car’s engine. This is more of a factor than an actual symptom, but pay close attention to your check engine light. If you notice any of the above symptoms, it could be confirmation that your catalytic converter needs to be fixed or replaced.

    Land Rover Broken Catalytic Converter

    Professional Repair of Your Catalytic Converter

    The tricky thing about catalytic converters is that a lot of the symptoms of a damaged catalytic converter in your Land Rover can be attributed to other parts of the exhaust system. That’s why it’s important for you to have your Land Rover’s exhaust issues diagnosed.

    Masters European & Japanese Auto Repair has sites in Corte Madera, Larkspur, Sausalito, Tiburon, and Mill Valley, CA ready to inspect and diagnose your Land Rover. If you see, feel, hear, or smell any of the above symptoms, make certain to make the right choice early and come get a diagnosis from our experts. Remember, good car maintenance habits create less expenses with repairs and maintenance. Call us today to make a convenient appointment or to talk to our expert technicians.

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