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    Audi Engine Sputtering

    Audi is known for its reliable engines and high-end luxury vehicles. However, several issues could hinder the engine from achieving full combustion, leading to engine sputter. Oftentimes, it is due to a faulty fuel pump, bad ignition system, inefficient catalytic converter, etc. Hence, your Audi engine sputter could indicate a minor or more complex problem. Regardless of which it is, this article will discuss the possible causes of Audi engine sputter and how to deal with it.

    Causes of Audi Engine Sputter

    Your engine’s sound is an indicator of its condition and its performance index. Sputtering engine sounds naturally hint at a developing or full-blown issue. Discussed below are possible causes of the sputtering sound:

    Bad Ignition System

    Audi’s ignition system comprises the engine’s spark plugs and several sensors that intuitively assist the ignition process. Over time, due to wear and tear, the coils and spark plugs lose their efficiency. The spark plug is expected to ignite the fuel/air for engine combustion. A bad spark plug may cause the engine to misfire.

    Inefficient Catalytic Converter

    In the fuel ignition-exhaust cycle, the catalytic converter is responsible for removing pollutants from the exhaust stream. A bad converter will choke your Audi’s exhaust pipe, resulting in engine sputtering and the emission of sulphuric exhaust smoke (rotten egg smell). This system deficiency is subtle and will normally not affect the normal operation of the car as it will only surface whenever you require more horsepower.

    When the vehicle is idle, it won’t sputter. However, once you begin to accelerate, exhaust begins to build up in a very short amount of time, leading to a pressure differential that will choke the engine through the exhaust. This would cause the engine to sputter. Thus, if your engine sputters when you rev the engine, you know that the underlying issue is related to your catalytic converter.

    Defective fuel pump

    The fuel pump is responsible for supplying fuel from the fuel tank to the engine for combustion. The pump delivers gas to the injectors at a certain pressure. If the fuel pump pressure is insufficient, it will affect the delivery of adequate fuel for combustion, leading to a sputtering engine.

    Clogged fuel filter

    The fuel filter is expected to filtrate the fuel entering the engine. A clogged filter reduces the fuel pressure, hindering the delivery of sufficient fuel needed for combustion. Ideally, the fuel filter is expected to be replaced every 25,000 miles.

    Faulty mass airflow sensor

    The sensor measures the volume and density of the air drawn into your engine and the vehicle’s onboard computer to send adequate fuel volume to match the air for effective combustion. A clogged sensor impacts its ability to convey correct information to the vehicle computer, causing the engine to sputter.

    Clogged injectors

    This issue is mostly applicable to direct fuel injection engines. The position of the injector tips directly inside the combustion chambers exposes them to extreme temperatures and intense carbon buildup. Carbon buildup could get into injector nozzles and block them, leading to inefficient fuel delivery.

    Whenever you notice that your Audi engine is sputtering, it is best to contact a specialist for a proper diagnosis as the issue could have resulted from several causes. Leaving the issue unattended could negatively impact your vehicle’s performance or ultimately cause your engine to fail.

    Audi Fuel Injector Check

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