• Top Reasons Why Your Jaguar’s Battery is Not Being Charged

    Posted on November 21, 2020 by masterwpuser
    Coroded Jaguar Battery

    While your car’s battery supplies the charge needed to get it started and to power certain functions, it also recharges as you drive due to the alternator. If your Jaguar’s car battery isn’t being charged, it can mean trouble for you.

    Your Jaguar needs to be able to reliably get you where you need to go both efficiently and in style. Sadly, if the battery isn’t being charged, you won’t be able to do either of those things.

    This article is designed to help you get to the root of the battery problem that’s causing your Jaguar problems. To begin, let’s get a better understanding of how the battery in your car is charged.

    How Batteries Get Their Charge

    Batteries come with the capacity to hold large amounts of charge. These batteries are very complex and are expected to be able to last you for years and years. This may seem surprising that each time you start up the car, you drain a little bit of the power from the battery. However, the batteries get recharged.

    The alternator is in the engine to provide power back to the battery after it has started the engine. As the engine turns, the alternator receives that mechanical energy via a belt and then converts it into electrical energy for the battery. Some of the electrical energy is also used to power things like the headlights of your vehicle.

    Signs that Your Battery Isn’t Charging

    Most Jaguars have a light that comes on when the battery is not being charged. The warning is “battery not charging.” Keep an eye on the dash for this as well as any other signs that come up, as they could clue you in to problems with your Jaguar.

    When the battery isn’t being charged, it won’t be able to supply the power needed to your vehicle. Here are some common signs your battery isn’t charging:

    Car Won’t Start

    If the battery isn’t charging, it will quickly drain all the way until there is no charge left to start the engine with. If your engine won’t start, there are several other causes, too, so it’s best to bring your Jaguar in for diagnostics.

    Some Systems Begin Losing Power

    If you are driving and you notice that things like the air conditioning and the radio aren’t functioning properly, which are powered by the battery, this may be because your battery is attempting to preserve as much charge as possible before being unable to power anything.

    Reasons the Battery Isn’t Charging

    Without actually inspecting the various parts of your vehicle, it’s impossible to say with certainty the exact cause. There are several reasons why your Jaguar’s battery may not be charging. Here are some common ones:

    • The Battery is Bad: This should be the first thing you or a trusted mechanic will check. By using a voltmeter, see if the battery can be charged and then subsequently hold that charge. If not, replace the battery.
    • Faulty Battery Terminals: If the connections to the battery are corroded or loose, the battery can’t be charged by the alternator.
    • Alternator Issues: If you’ve checked the battery and it looks alright, the alternator is likely the culprit. Alternators can be plagued by a host of issues, so it’s best to get an expert to look at it.
    • Blown Fuse: The fuse to the starter motor or alternator may have blown and caused the battery to not charge. Check the fuse box for this blown fuse.

    Charging Jaguar Battery

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