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    Posted on March 22, 2024 by masterwpuser
    Blue Nissan Car

    Sometimes, “standard” does not fit your style. Are you thinking about upgrading your Nissan vehicle from the basic trustworthy setup to something that gives you a sense of power and pride? What will provide you with the best value for your money when updating your Nissan vehicle? We are here to help. Here are the 3 best options you can consider for your Nissan’s customization.

    Swapping the Engine

    If you want to upgrade your Nissan, starting with an engine swap is the best point. Most Nissan vehicle owners who want to swap out their engines with other Japanese Nissan engines choose engines such as the Skyline, Sylvia, and the 180SX. If you are interested in American engines, you might opt for the Q series from the US Market 350Z and Maxima.

    Consider other aftermarket engines, such as the RB20DET, the RB25DET, the RB26DETT, the CA18DET, and the SR20DET. These engines have unique performance statistics; you will want to research them to find the one that best fits your needs. Engines are an expensive upgrade but will provide you with some of the best overall value. Many engines you can purchase are ready to be installed in your Nissan. However, if you have an excellent Nissan technician available, you might save a significant amount of money if you purchase a non-working engine and fix it up.

    Upgrading the Transmission

    The next most popular upgrade is switching your transmission from automatic to manual or vice versa. This kind of switch is prevalent in vehicles with turbocharged engines. Those who use their cars for street racing opt for manual transmissions, which allow them to select their ideal gear ratio to fit their driving conditions.

    Manual transmission users should look into installing a short shifter. These reduce the time switching between gears, allowing you to reach the speed you want faster. Some Nissan owners should consider manual transmissions, which are more fun to drive. The addition of a short shifter boosts that pleasure even more.

    On the other hand, automatic transmissions have advantages. Some have lower final gear ratios, created especially for road racing. They benefit from a smoother performance that only electronic automatic transmissions can provide. If you are interested in drag racing with your Nissan, an automatic transmission is the way.

    Replacing the Exhaust

    The third, most common upgrade in the signs is replacing the stock exhaust with a high-performance model. Standard exhaust systems keep engine noise to a minimum but sacrifice horsepower. Larger, more open exhaust systems give you more growl and boost engine performance. If you want more power in your Nissan and don’t mind announcing your presence on the road, you might consider replacing your exhaust system.

    Bonus: Suspension and Brakes

    Beyond the top three upgrades for Nissan vehicles, there are several less expensive upgrades you can ask for. A new suspension is one of the more common upgrades for many cars. If you want to ensure your Nissan has a smooth ride, an upgraded suspension can help. Before purchasing a suspension upgrade, you must know the type of powertrain your vehicle has and the size and type of your wheels. It would also be helpful to know your typical driving conditions.

    Adjustable coil-over struts are always a good choice. They allow you to change the spring rate and ride height to meet the needs of your current driving conditions. If you take a lot of tight curves, consider upgrading the chassis stabilizers, neoprene bushings, tie rod end links, lightweight control arms, and both front and rear anti-sway bars. These upgrades will give you the best suspension and help you smooth those tight curves.

    The last bonus upgrade is putting better brakes on your Nissan. Brakes are critical if you have added power to your car. Thankfully, brakes are one of the least expensive upgrades, and most will be compatible with your factory, brake master cylinder, and booster assembly. If you do upgrade your brakes, you must upgrade both front and rear brakes. If you upgrade one without the other, you can do more harm than good.

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