• Tips to Deal with Broken Rear Springs in a Volkswagen

    Posted on April 1, 2021 by masterwpuser
    Volkswagen Rear Spring

    The springs of your Volkswagen are essential components of the suspension system. The purpose of the suspension system is to support the weight of the vehicle and to stabilize the body of the car during operation. When driving over uneven terrain such as gravel roads or other off-road driving, bumps and speed bumps, or dips and potholes in the road, the springs are part of the mechanism which absorbs the shock of impacts or vibrations that may occur while driving. This is vital not only to your comfort while driving, but also to the safety of the vehicle during operation and for the protection of sensitive engine components. For example, without the springs, components that are exposed in the undercarriage are vulnerable to damage from impacts or excessive vibration.

    Signs of Broken Rear Springs

    Due to the significance of the rear springs in the standard functioning of your Volkswagen, you can see that any damage to them may lead to serious issues with the safety and performance of your vehicle. Worn, broken, or otherwise damaged rear springs are no longer able to fulfill their basic purpose, and since they are a major part of the suspension system, this will inevitably cause further problems. This may manifest in the form of excessive vibration while driving, misalignment of your wheels, or uneven wear of the tires. Your Volkswagen may even appear to be leaning over when parked.

    Common Causes of Broken Rear Springs

    Understanding the cause behind the previously-mentioned effects of broken rear springs can provide you with further information on how to deal with the damage. However, no matter how much information you succeed in gathering on your own, we strongly advise you to always seek the assistance of a licensed professional when experience problems with your vehicle. This is because many automotive problems are difficult to diagnose, since so many problems share symptoms.

    It can be of great value to familiarize yourself with what could happen, as it will equip you to give your mechanic the most detailed account of your experience with your Volkswagen thus far. That said, here are a few signs to look out for that will clue you into possibly-damaged rear springs:

    • The rear of your vehicle appears to be lower than the front. This happens because the rear springs are partially responsible for supporting the weight of your vehicle body. If they are failing, the vehicle will begin to sag.
    • The sound of tapping or knocking when driving over bumps or uneven roads. The broken springs cause a change in the angle of the suspension, which can result in rattling or metal clunking
    • Uneven tire wear. Because your wheels will potentially no longer be properly aligned, and the weight distribution changes on the frame of your Volkswagen, the pressure placed on each tire is also going to change. This can negatively affect your vehicle by causing accelerated wear on one tire more than the others.

    Prevent of Rear Spring Problems

    It is important that you understand that under no circumstances should you be driving a vehicle with broken rear springs unless it is a short distance to the auto shop. Driving with broken rear springs will inevitably lead to further issues with your engine, and without the help of an expert mechanic, you may not be aware of how far along the problem is before it’s too late.

    Regarding driving habits, there are things you can do to avoid broken rear springs. By being careful while the vehicle is in motion with regard to bumps, dips, or any sort of unevenness in the road, you can make sure that you’re not putting excessive pressure and force on the springs and entire suspension system.

    Volkswagen Broken Rear Spring Inspection

    Masters European and Japanese Auto Repair for Broken Rear Springs

    If you suspect your vehicle to have broken rear springs, you need to contact a licensed mechanic as soon as possible. At Masters European and Japanese Auto Repair, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be taken care of and leave our shop in optimal condition. We specialize in the maintenance and repair of European & Japanese vehicles, and we guarantee that our ASE-certified experts will work closely with you to ensure the best service possible.

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