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    Posted on September 30, 2022 by masterwpuser
    Land Rover Engine Misfiring

    Your Land Rover Range is equipped with a PCV valve, which is part of the emissions control system and also serves as a crankcase ventilation device. PCV is an acronym for Positive Crankcase Ventilation. This system allows the engine of Land Rovers to breathe and prevents harmful oil vapors from entering the atmosphere.

    Through the PCV valve, the high pressure and vapor being released from the crankcase are regulated and moved into the intake manifold, where it is blended with the air/fuel mixture before continuing its combustion journey.

    The PCV valve is installed within the rocker cover (valve cover) of the Land Rover. It is important to inspect the PCV valve regularly and replace it when necessary if it becomes stuck open or clogged with sludge. Having a damaged PCV valve can lead to a rough engine, heavy exhaust smoke, leaking oil in a Land Rover.

    How the PCV Valve Works

    The PCV valve is designed with one end larger than the other, making it almost impossible to install the valve incorrectly. The PCV valve in your Land Rover Range closes when the engine is turned off or when there is backpressure in the system. The valve opens based on pressure changes as the engine idles (low flow) or accelerates (high flow).

    In the event that the PCV valve malfunctions, additional gunk can blow out spark plugs in your Land Rover Range, increasing oil consumption. PCV valve replacements are so inexpensive that there’s no excuse not to do so. It will cost you more if you need to replace burnt oil and buy new spark plugs.

    Signs of a Faulty PCV Valve in Your Land Rover

    Two possible reasons could explain the failure of the PCV valve on your Land Rover. The PCV valve may become clogged by dirt buildup or stuck in the closed position. Alternatively, a hose may become disconnected, allowing a vacuum leak, or if the valve becomes stuck in an open position.

    You will notice the following danger signs of PCV valve failure if the PCV valve in your Land Rover has become faulty:

    • Sludge Build-up: In the case of a damaged PCV valve, gas intake cannot be regulated. As the gas accumulated in the engine build-up, it solidified into sludge, which contaminated the oil and caused engine failures.
    • Check engine light: A malfunctioning PCV valve is often indicated by the check engine light on the dashboard, so keep an eye on this.
    • Rough Idling: Rough idling of your Land Rover is most likely caused by a faulty PCV valve. Whether the vehicle is in park, driving, or stopped at a traffic light, a rough idle can be identified by shaking and bouncing
    • Engine misfiring: If the PCV valve of your Land Rover is faulty, you may experience engine misfiring when the vehicle is idling or accelerating. If you feel a shaking sensation or hesitate when you accelerate, this may be your only indication. If that happens, your car may be misfiring. Check engine lights are often illuminated when the engine misfires.

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    Land Rover PCV Valve Inspection

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