• The Most Common Reasons for a Dragging Brake in Your BMW

    Posted on October 19, 2020 by masterwpuser
    BMW Brake

    Your BMW should live up to its name as the ultimate driving machine, and when its brakes are dragging, it sadly does not. You bought your BMW because of its great driveability, smoothness and reliability, so any problems that arise should be treated quickly.

    This article will help drivers understand how to spot a dragging brake and what causes it. Throughout this article, keep in mind that a trusted professional mechanic will be able to more properly identify and fix a dragging brake in person. To begin, let’s understand what a dragging brake is so that you will be able to properly identify the issue.

    What is brake dragging?

    Brake drag is a pretty disagreeable experience, particularly in a vehicle like a BMW that is expected to perform at a high level consistently. Brake dragging occurs when the brake pad does not entirely release from the brake rotors after you release the brake pedal, resulting in a feeling of lagging in the vehicle.

    A dragging brake is usually the result of a mechanical issue or the problems with hydraulics. Brake dragging is much more than just a nuisance, though. If not addressed quickly and correctly, it can result in many further problems due to the overheating from the increased friction between the brake pad and rotor.

    Some Common Causes of a Dragging Brake

    There are multiple different things that can cause brakes to start to drag, and it is important to always get to the root of the problem. If not, as you lose control of the brake system in your car it could possibly lead to financial damage or even worse, an accident. Some of the common causes of a dragging brake are:

    Master Cylinder Pushrod Length

    This is a common mechanical issue that can contribute to brake drag. When there is no pressure on the brake pedal, there should not be any pressure applied to the brakes, but a pushrod that is too long will apply pressure even when the pedal is not depressed, causing the brakes to drag.

    Caliper Piston Not Releasing

    If the master cylinder doesn’t release, it can cause brake drag, as explained above. The same thing can happen with the calipers. If the caliper piston doesn’t release entirely, your brakes will likely start to drag.


    Excess heat can affect your BMW’s hydraulics and cause brakes to drag. The brake fluid will reach its boiling point and expand greatly, causing pressure to be applied to the brakes. This may happen when the brake lines are too close to the exhaust or other sources of great heat.

    Fixing Brake Drag

    Approaching the issue of brake drag requires one having a solid understanding of the underlying issues that are causing it. For example, if the master cylinder pushrod is too long, a new one will need to be put in its place.

    If it is caused by more general wear and tear, you will find that taking good care of your vehicle

    will do the best in the long run.

    As at tip, one of the best ways to prevent brake dragging is to keep the pistons on the calipers clean, which can be done at scheduled maintenance services.

    Masters European and Japanese Auto Repair Can Fix a Dragging Brake

    No one likes having to deal with a dragging brake, especially when one knows it can lead to monetary damage and potential accidents. If you want the job done the right way without having to pay an arm and a leg, you can turn to Masters European and Japanese Auto Repair for expert service and repair on your BMW.

    BMW Brake Repair

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