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    Mercedes Engine Overheat

    Mercedes models are composed of various working parts with different functionalities. The thermostat is one of those parts that help keep your Mercedes running as designed. The engine of your Mercedes generates and emits a lot of heat. The thermostat is responsible for regulating the engine’s temperature to prevent it from overheating any time you drive.

    The thermostat is a valve contained in the cooling system of your Mercedes. If the thermostat of your Mercedes fails, it will stop controlling the amount of coolant released into the engine to cool it. Hence, the engine will overheat, and the overall performance of your Mercedes will be hampered.

    The best way to monitor your thermostat’s health is to check the temperature gauge on your dashboard constantly. Although external temperature can cause the meter to fluctuate above or below average, it should remain within its normal range.

    Signs of a Malfunctioning Thermostat

    In cases where the external temperature is not responsible for the thermostat fluctuation, it means it needs repair or replacement. Apart from checking your temperature regularly, there are other ways to detect a failing thermostat. Some of those ways are:

    • Erratic changes of temperature in the temperature gauge cause the thermostat to fail. A sudden decrease or increase means the thermostat is failing and needs replacement.
    • Poor engine performance is a result of overheating and is always an indication of a problem.
    • Fluid puddles under your car after you park indicates a coolant leak. A coolant leak will impact the functions of the thermostat negatively and cause it to fail.

    Causes of Thermostat failures in Mercedes

    If you notice any of the warning signs, report to a mechanic to have it checked out immediately to prevent further damage. This is because it is dangerous to drive in with an overheating engine. Hence, the thermostat needs to be repaired or replaced for the optimal functioning of your car. Let’s look at common reasons the thermostat fails:

    • Contaminated Coolants: The coolant of your Mercedes can become contaminated. When this happens, the coolant will thicken and turn into a thick sludge. This sludge can get into the thermostat and block the valves, thereby impairing its functions.
    • Overheating engine: When the thermostat detects a change in the engine temperature, the valve opens and closes to regulate the temperature appropriately. When the engine overheats, there is a possibility that it will affect the thermostat, thereby causing it to fail.
    • Improper installation of the thermostat: Sometimes, it’s not the fault of the thermostat; it is the fault of the manufacturing process. Also, replacing a failed thermostat can be very tricky if not done by Mercedes specialists. That is why an expert mechanic is needed when proceeding with repairs.
    • Wear and tear of thermostat: Like every other part of your Mercedes, the thermostat will wear and tear due to aging. When it finally fails, the temperature gauge will read a very high temperature and cause the engine to overheat.

    To avoid having a failed thermostat in your Mercedes, ensure to carry out routine maintenance. Routine maintenance will go a long way in detecting the fault early to prevent further damage.

    Masters European & Japanese Auto Repair Will Fix your Faulty Thermostat

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    Mercedes Thermostat Inspection

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