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    Posted on July 24, 2021 by masterwpuser
    Audi Engine Misfire

    Over time, Audis may experience valve cover oil leaks for several different reasons. Drivers choose Audi makes and models for their luxurious performance and stellar interior comforts, so an oil leak originating from any part of your Audi can be detrimental not only to your vehicle’s performance but to the safety of the vehicle as well. Below you will learn more about valve cover oil leaks and what to do should you find your Audi exhibiting warning signs.

    A valve cover sits upon the top of the engine head to provide protection of the engine head itself as well as preventing oil from spilling out from the cylinder head onto the top of the engine. Due to the position of the valve cover, it is exposed daily to excessive amounts of heat that have the potential to cause premature wear and tear to the rubber hoses and seals nearby.

    How do I know if I have a valve cover leak?

    There are many warning signs exhibited by your Audi that will alert you to a problem. These warning signs range from minor to severe and only worsen when ignored by a driver, intentionally or not. The most commonly reported sign of an oil leak is oil puddled beneath the vehicle. In addition to this common symptom, the following have been reported by Audi drivers:

    • Engine problems: Oil leaking from the valve cover is commonly reported to leak directly onto the engine and components near it, including the spark plugs. When this occurs, your vehicle will experience engine misfires due to the growing fault of the spark plugs.
    • Visual inspection: A driver must regularly inspect underneath the hood of their vehicle. Not only should the driver inspect the fluid levels to ensure they are at proper capacity, but visually inspect the overall surface of parts visible to ensure no dirt or grime build-up is accumulating. A commonly-reported problem noted by Audi drivers is being able to visually observe oil leaking out onto the top of the engine. This is due to an extremely dirty valve cover that can no longer function appropriately.
    • Burning oil: It is no secret that as a vehicle runs, the engine and parts surrounding it begin heating up reaching extremely high heat. When oil begins leaking from the valve cover directly onto these parts it burns upon contact. If this is happening under the hood of your Audi, you may begin to smell oil burning or even smoke billowing from under the hood.
    • Altered oil levels: You must maintain proper oil levels to ensure your vehicle stays well-lubricated and running smoothly. An extremely-common sign of an oil leak comes from an unexplained decrease in oil levels. This change indicates there is a leak somewhere and should be immediately inspected by a professional to determine the exact location. These oil leaks are commonly caused by corrosion worsened by salty, humid, ocean air or damage from exposure to the extremely high temperatures under the hood.

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    Audi Valve Cover Oil Leak Check

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