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    Posted on April 18, 2021 by masterwpuser
    Audi O2 Sensor

    A bad oxygen sensor is a headache for car owners. Not all repair shops are equal when diagnosing and repairing oxygen sensor issues. Most handheld scanning tools will list the oxygen sensor as a possible cause of symptoms, but it takes a skilled automotive technician and state of the art equipment to pinpoint the exact problem when symptoms arise.

    If you find yourself experiencing what might be symptoms of a failing oxygen sensor, you’ll need to know where to go to get the proper help for your Audi.

    Purpose of an Oxygen Sensor

    Oxygen sensors serve a crucial purpose in modern cars, especially high-end vehicles like the Audi. One constant in today’s cars is they need the right amount of oxygen and fuel to make them run at top efficiency. The oxygen sensor’s job is to tell the automobile’s computer system whether the car needs more or less fuel and oxygen to adjust the mix appropriately.

    If an oxygen sensor is malfunctioning, the result will be:

    • extremely poor gas mileage
    • sputtering and stalling of the engine
    • shaking during a rough idle
    • severe misfires if your computer fails to give the proper fuel mix
    • a damaged and non-functioning catalytic convertor

    Note: Other than poor gas mileage, your check engine light will illuminate if any of the events above happen.

    Proper diagnoses of an oxygen sensor problem needs a full-service computer diagnostic unit at a reputable auto repair shop. If any of these symptoms show themselves, have your Audi taken in for service. Continuing to drive your Audi will cause damage to your car’s catalytic convertor since a wrong fuel mixture won’t burn off the carbon soot that will build in the unit.

    How to Prevent a Faulty Oxygen Sensor

    Oxygen sensors will go bad over time. Some may last 200,000 miles, while others may only make it 50,000 miles. The difference is in your car’s care. Preventive maintenance of your Audi is important for a number of reasons. One is to create an environment where all of the components on it last for years into the future without worry. The way to do this is to have your car regularly serviced as the manufacturer recommends it.

    Here are a few issues that will contribute to a malfunctioning oxygen sensor:

    • Irregular oil changes: An oil change is more than a fluid swap. Changes keep your oil fresh and free of contaminants like water and carbon buildup. If these impurities are allowed into your Audi’s exhaust, they will damage the oxygen sensor.
    • Seal and gasket leaks: Gaskets and seals that allow fluids to bypass will also allow them to enter into the exhaust system and cause a bad oxygen sensor.
    • Excessive oil usage: When something causes your car to use a large amount of oil, this may mean the same problem affects your oxygen sensor.
    • Damage to an oxygen sensor from road conditions: Another reason for recommended maintenance allows the servicing team to inspect any damaged components. One such check is for damage to your oxygen sensor. Usually located along the exhaust system, road hazards, like rocks and pieces of tires and other objects, will easily damage the sensor or its connection.

    As we see, the best solution to prevent a malfunction in your oxygen sensor is to have your Audi serviced regularly.

    Use Professionals to Diagnose Your Audi’s Oxygen Sensor

    Not every service shop is the same in the Mill Valley area. To find the problem fast and at less cost, you need to count on professional technicians and the latest technology. Proper diagnostics and experience will have your Audi back to you quickly and running as it should.

    Although all modern gas-powered cars have an oxygen sensor, not all of them are attached to an Audi. Make sure the people you trust with yours, have experience working on your brand of car.

    Audi O2 Sensor Inspection

    Service You Can Trust

    At Masters European & Japanese Auto Repair, serving Corte Madera, Larkspur, Sausalito, Tiburon, and Mill Valley, CA, we have decades of experience with the Audi brand. If you suspect your Audi or other vehicles have an oxygen sensor issue, bring it in for full diagnostic testing. Call us today to schedule an appointment or add you to our servicing plans.

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