• The Benefits of Choosing Audi Hybrid Vehicles in Mill Valley

    Posted on August 9, 2021 by masterwpuser
    Audi A3 Sportback e-tron

    Purchasing a hybrid vehicle is not a simple process. It’s difficult to understand what “hybrid” actually means. The average owner may know that hybrid means the car partially runs on electricity, but that isn’t enough justification for purchasing one.

    Prospective buyers might be looking into Audi hybrid vehicles but don’t have the time of day to research them. Knowing the benefits of hybrid vehicles is equally as important as understanding them. That’s why we’ve compiled the benefits of choosing Audi hybrid vehicles, making your life simpler.

    What is a hybrid car and how does it work?

    Hybrid cars take the best qualities of fully gasoline-powered cars and mix them with the best characteristics of fully electric-powered vehicles. By combining conventional combustion engines with electric motors, hybrids make up an environmentally safer, fuel-efficient machine. Hybrids are becoming popular with time as a more significant number of car manufacturers design hybrids.

    2 types exist today: traditional hybrids and plug-in hybrids. The difference between these two, while minor, is how the two store and charge power in their batteries.

    Traditional hybrids run as a standard gasoline-powered car would. Drivers fill up every so often after their car has depleted the fuel tank. However, the car battery, which is usually located underneath the tail end of the vehicle, charges with the use of your vehicle.

    From the regular operation of your combustion engine, the electric motor converts the kinetic energy into electric energy stored in your battery. Also, when braking, the kinetic energy your wheels create is converted into electric power, which also gets stored in your battery. Known as “regenerative braking,” this is why hybrid engines get more mileage than a standard petrol-powered car.

    Your Engine Control Unit (ECU) determines when there is enough electrical energy to power the entire car and then uses the energy created by regenerative braking. When running on electric power, the combustion engine shuts off, saving you some gasoline. These cars are highly efficient in stop-and-go traffic because of how energy is efficiently stored and spent.

    Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) do much of the same as traditional hybrid cars; however, the battery can also charge through a plug-in. Plug-in hybrids allow more power for the battery to store and greater output from the electric motor. These cars have more fuel efficiency than traditional hybrids and can run for longer solely using the stored electric power.

    The Benefits of Buying a Hybrid Audi

    Now that you understand the basics of hybrid engines, you have a general idea of the benefits that come with them. Hybrid Audis get many of these benefits and more. We’ll quickly discuss why buying a hybrid from Audi is the best choice when switching to a hybrid vehicle.

    • Environmentally Sustainable: Audi’s hybrid engines feature state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries. These high-powered batteries give the combustion engine enough power to get at least 33 MPG. With little gasoline spent per mile, Audi’s hybrid engines cut fuel emissions by nearly 1/2.
    • Economically Efficient: Hybrid Audis can save you as much as $600 on gasoline per year. With fewer trips to the gas station and the option to plug in your Audi at home, these hybrid cars offer a much cheaper alternative to combustion-powered vehicles.
    • Government Tax Deductions: Hybrids qualify for tax deductions from the U.S. Department of Energy, depending on your tax situation. You could save up to $7,500 on your purchase, with an additional $7,000 from California’s Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP). That’s over $14,000 saved on your purchase!
    • Luxury Options: Audi still stays true to its luxury standards even as a hybrid, offering luxury packages for their hybrid cars like the Q5. These include anything from power-adjustable seats to a virtual cockpit. Comfortableness does not come at the cost of environmental sustainability.
    • High Performance: Audi’s electric motors compensate for the loss in power from a smaller engine and make up for it with impressive torque and horsepower. Hybrid engines may not be as powerful as V6 engines, but they still pack a punch.

    Audi Hybrid Car Repair

    Choose Master European & Japanese Auto Repair for Your New Hybrid

    After buying your new Audi hybrid, you’ll need a professional mechanic with experience repairing hybrid cars. Masters European & Japanese Auto Repair offers dealership hybrid car repairs at a fraction of the price. At Masters European & Japanese Auto Repair, our mechanics are ASE-certified and ready to take on any problems your Audi hybrid has. With over 50 years of experience, your satisfaction and happiness are our number one priority. Call today to schedule a service for your European or Japanese import!

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