• Symptoms of Suspension Bushing Failure in your Volvo

    Posted on May 22, 2022 by masterwpuser
    Volvo Suspension Bushing

    Volvos are Swedish-made high-maintenance vehicles. The brand is popular amongst car enthusiasts because of its reliability and exquisite comfort. Often, the case with luxurious vehicles is that they require extensive monitoring and maintenance to ensure that they remain in shape.

    A Volvo‘s overall performance is determined by the efficiency of the components. The suspension bushing performs a very crucial role in your Volvo’s suspension system. They are rubber pads designed to absorb shocks from road impacts. The bushing reduces the impact of road imperfections felt in the vehicle cabin, allowing a smooth ride.

    Although Volvos are sturdy and reliable vehicles, their components are still susceptible to faults, including the suspension bushing. Over time, the bushings would wear out from the endless impact of bumps and divots, thereby needing a replacement.

    Major Symptoms of Suspension Bushing Failure

    The suspension bushing in your Volvo is vital for a pleasant and smooth ride. Damage to the suspension bushing impacts the performance of your Volvo’s suspension, which is why early identification of these problems is very important. Discussed below are some indicators of a suspension bushing failure in your Volvo.

    • Rattling sound: If your Volvo makes an extreme squeaking or rattling sound whenever it is being driven on a rough road, and the noise becomes even louder when going over bumps and potholes, the chances are that the suspension bushing is faulty.
    • Steering pulling to a side: When you notice that your Volvo steers towards one side of the road (either left or right) than the other, this could result from a problem with the suspension bushing. The failure of the bushing is causing your wheels to align
    • Clunking noise: Your Volvo by design produces a clunking noise whenever there is a problem with the bushing suspension. It makes this type of noise whenever you turn or engage the brakes. You may also notice the clunking noise when you have to make a sharp turn or make sudden braking.
    • Uneven or unusual tire wear: When there is a suspension bushing failure, you might experience an uneven tread wear rate between the left and right tire. Alignment problems mostly cause uneven tire wear, and alignment problems are usually caused by suspension bushing failure. Hence when you notice uneven tire tread wear, you might need to have an expert check out its suspension system.

    Causes of Suspension Bushing Failure in your Volvo

    Suspension bushing failure in Volvo is caused by many factors, either physical, environmental or human factors. Discussed below are some factors responsible for suspension bushing failure in your Volvo:

    • Worn bushing: The most common reason for bushing failure is natural wear and tear. After a long period of use, it would have served its purpose and needed replacement. If the suspension bushing has been in use for an extended period, it is advisable to change it before it complicates the suspension system.
    • Stress and fiction: Stressing the system and not using enough lubricant to service the bushing can stress it, causing premature wear.
    • High engine temperature and heat exposure: These elements also play a vital role in causing suspension bushing failure. Heat exposure and high temperature make it wear down even faster. If your Volvo is driven in a humid or inclement climate, it can make your bushing wear down faster than usual.

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    Volvo Suspension Bushing Check

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