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    Posted on August 25, 2021 by masterwpuser
    BMW E90

    BMWs are synonymous with excellent performance. This performance is made possible by the superior design of the engine that ensures BMW drivers enjoy high quality rides. For the BMW engine to run smoothly, all the smaller components need to work in tandem.

    When the high pressure fuel pump fails, there will be a significant change in the drivability of the car. This failure can be caused by a number of reasons, and when this happens, there will be signs that you’ll notice in your BMW.

    For the engine to run efficiently, fuel needs to be delivered into the fuel combustion chambers at a specific high pressure. This pressure is what triggers the sensors that cause the ignition to spark and ignite the fuel. The result is that the fuel burns and produces the energy that is used to propel the car forward. The high pressure fuel pump is the engine component that is responsible for delivering the fuel from the tank and into the engine at the required pressure for combustion.

    High Pressure Fuel Pump Failure: Common Causes

    There are some possible causes of high pressure fuel pump failure. The leading cause here is the use of poor quality oil. Most high-end vehicle models come with recommendations of the types of oil that you can use in them. Using any oil of different quality will expose the high pressure fuel pump to excessive friction that will wear out the parts faster, causing it to fail.

    In the same vein, using the same oil for too long without change will have the same effect on the pressure pump parts. This is because over time, the quality of oil deteriorates from impurities like dust and moisture. To prevent this you’ll need to get constant oil changes for your engine.

    The solenoid that is responsible for controlling the volume of fuel in the high pressure fuel pump can also break down. When this happens the pressure of fuel will be lowered significantly and in turn the pump will follow suit. Let’s look at some of the recognizable signs of high pressure fuel pump failure below.

    Familiar Symptoms of Impending Failure

    The immediate result of a high pressure fuel pump failure in your BMW is that the pressure of the fuel will be lowered. This will result in the loss of power in your engine. The loss of power is due to the inability of the engine to receive fuel at the right pressure.

    Acceleration needs the engine to burn even more fuel, but with low temperature, the fuel pump will have to work harder to catch up. In the process of playing catch up, the combustion chamber will be starved of sufficient fuel and your BMW will not be able to pick up speed. Fuel starvation also happens when you try to get your car from a stop and into motion. Your BMW may also lose power if you’re hauling heavy weight or climbing uphill. This occurs because of the extra strain needed to get the car through the task.

    Another sign of high pressure fuel pump failure is that your BMW may experience sputters and jerks as you drive, more so at high speeds. This sputtering is simply due to the inconsistent delivery of fuel into the combustion chamber. This means that anytime the fuel pump pressure is low there will be a loss in power though the issue may correct itself and only last briefly.

    You may also notice that your car is consuming even more fuel to cover the same distances. This happens when the valve that’s responsible for letting fuel into the engine allows excess fuel because of the pressure inconsistencies. In the worst cases, your engine will completely stall if the fuel pump fails completely.

    BMW Oil Quality Check

    Masters European and Japanese Auto Repair: Your BMW Experts

    When you notice any of these signs of high pressure fuel pump failure in your BMW, you should immediately seek the help of a certified mechanic. This way, you’ll be able to put a lid on the problem before it causes irreparable damages.

    If you are in and around Corte Madera, Larkspur, Sausalito, Tiburon, or Mill Valley, CA, reach out to Masters European and Japanese Auto Repair. Our team of experienced technicians will fix the problem quickly and get you back on the road safely.

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