• Reasons for an Oil Leak from the Alternator Seal of a BMW From Experienced Mechanics in Mill Valley

    Posted on May 6, 2022 by masterwpuser
    BMW 340i Car

    The alternator seal is the device that generates power for your car battery. It generates electric energy, also helps charge the battery by acting as a generator. The power generated from the battery keeps the electronic components and other vital automated processes running. BMW alternators last up to seven years or between 80,000 to 150,000 miles.

    How to Detect if There is an Oil Leak from the BMW Alternator Seal

    The alternator helps to redirect electricity to many automated processes of your BMW. If you notice that your door locks, dash lights, windshield wipers, or headlights are not working or they are malfunctioning, then it could be a result of an alternator issue. The pump is lubricated with oil from the engine. The oil seal can fail and this will result in an oil leak.

    • A bad alternator can lead to a dead battery in your BMW. The battery provides power to ignite the engine, as a result of a dead battery you will not be able to start your car easily.
    • The alternator fails to provide any regenerative charge to the car battery when it’s not working.
    • A dying alternator can lead to a wide range of other electrical issues and engine stalling can occur as a dead alternator will lead to a car that won’t start.
    • Unusual sound from the engine can also be a symptom of a bad alternator seal.
    • A thick bad burning smell perceived while driving could also be pointing to oil leakage.

    The Causes of an Oil Leak from Your BMW’s Alternator Seal

    If your BMW immediately stalls, it’s a sign of a bad alternator. The alternator keeps all the electric components of your car working properly as well as charging the battery.

    • Oil leaks are very common with BMW owners, the alternator seal is prone to damage, it dries out and starts to crack over time, which eventually results in leaking from the engine and into the alternator. One of the major reasons for oil leaks in your BMW is due to one of the seals or valves wearing out.
    • Leaks can occur as a result of simple errors such as not plugging the oil pan gasket firmly or tightening the oil cap enough after an oil change. Not plugging the oil pan gasket firmly can also cause lower engine area oil leaks. An oil leak can also be caused by a bad valve cover gasket or a missing oil pan plug.
    • The best gasket or seal can develop leaks if there is constant exposure to high pressure, vibrations, high temperature, and contact with hot fluids over a period of time. Gasket leaks start as small drips that you may first notice as spots under your car except for rare cases of catastrophic failure.
    • You can foul the contact points and cause an alternator to fail if you spill oil into the alternator. Also, you can contaminate it because it has electronic parts and diodes inside of it. Sometimes it can cause the internal regulator to snap lose by eating up the plastic, which eventually leads to oil leakage in the alternator.

    You can find out where the leak is from if you check your oil level by inspecting the dipstick. If you have low oil and you are sure you are seeing engine oil drips, look out for amber fluid that’s slippery and smells like chemicals, if you notice this then there’s likely to be a leak.

    BMW Valve Cover Gasket Inspection

    Let Experienced Mechanics In Mill Valley Help You

    If more quantity of hot oil gets into the alternator, it could burn out leading to alternator failure. An oil leak break in an alternator could burn out leading to alternator failure. Fixing oil leakage from a bad alternator seal is the same as fixing a bad alternator seal.

    If you ever experience oil leakage from the alternator seal of your BMW, Masters European & Japanese Auto Repair are experienced and ASE-certified mechanics in Mill Valley who believe in quality services done right, and we can repair your alternator seal.

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