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    Posted on August 16, 2020 by masterwpuser
    Porsche Warm AC

    Air conditioning is one of the more basic amenities that goes into making your Porsche the revolutionary piece of technology you know it to be. Despite this fact, a malfunction in the air conditioning can quickly make the excitement of driving a far less enjoyable journey.

    For this reason, promptly identifying and repairing these malfunctions is of the utmost importance. This article will cover the most common factors behind frequent air conditioning failure in Porsche models and discuss who you can trust to restore your Porsche to peak condition.

    The Likely Culprits

    While air conditioning may be a standard amenity in most automobiles on the road today, it remains a complex, multifaceted system with various parts working together to provide the cool air we rely on in the modern age. Because of this, there are many different pieces that, if damaged, can prevent your Porsche’s AC from performing as expected.

    However, as with all systems in a vehicle, there are a few key components that are more frequently to blame for AC malfunctions than others. Some of these common causes are:

    Refrigerant Levels Are Low

    One of the most common reasons for your AC vents to blow warm or hot air is that your refrigerant levels are running low. Refrigerant is the chemical responsible for removing excess heat from your Porsche’s air conditioning system. Without enough, the excess heat is pushed through the AC vents to prevent damage.

    The only cause of low refrigerant levels is a leak somewhere in the AC system. Due to the nature of how refrigerant functions in this system, a leak can often be incredibly difficult to locate on your own. It is highly recommended that, in the event of a low refrigerant level, you take your Porsche to a qualified mechanic for repair.

    Condenser Problem

    The refrigerant collects heat as it circulates through the air conditioning system. The condenser is then responsible for removing the heat from the refrigerant, allowing the liquid refrigerant to cool before returning to a gaseous state to cycle through the rest of the AC.

    Whether your condenser is simply blocked, or has sustained some sort of damage, the resulting lack of cooling will prevent your AC from properly cooling the air coming out of your AC vents.

    Troubles with the Compressor

    Functioning in a similar fashion to the water pump in your engine’s coolant system, the compressor is what pushes the refrigerant all throughout the AC system. Without a working compressor, the only part of the air conditioning system that will continue to run are the vent fans.

    A prolonged lack of use is the primary cause of compressor failure

    This is due to the deterioration that occurs as a result of turning the compressor on after being inactive for a long period of time. Running the AC for 10 to 15 minutes every month can help greatly extend the life of your Porsche’s compressor.

    Return to Comfort

    As the owner of a Porsche, the quality of your driving experience is just as important as your vehicle’s superior level of performance. Your ability to maintain a comfortable temperature while driving is a basic comfort necessity and should thus be addressed with all due haste. It is essential to act quickly when this common problem appears in order to continue getting the most out of your automobile.

    Masters European & Japanese Auto Repair Can Help You Today

    While air conditioning problems can occur in any vehicle, these problems are particularly common in the Porsche brand. As the owner of a Porsche, it’s important that you remain vigilant for any indication that something is amiss.

    Porsche Warm AC Repair

    At Masters European & Japanese Auto Repair, we provide the absolute best service to you and your Porsche. We pride ourselves on being the area’s leaders in European and Japanese automotive repair and have been providing dedicated service to Porsche owners from Corte Madera, Larkspur, Sausalito, Tiburon, and Mill Valley, CA since 1978.

    If notice signs that your Porsche’s AC vents are blowing warm air, trust us at Masters European & Japanese Auto Repair with returning your vehicle to the world-class standard you have come to expect from the Porsche brand.

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