• How to Repair Volvo’s Cooling Fan Module

    Posted on April 24, 2020 by masterwpuser
    Volvo Engine Overheating

    Volvo designs reliable vehicles for short commutes and long-distance drives. They are a trusted brand for many drivers, who like the comfort of the interior yet sporty exterior. Like every vehicle, they also have regular maintenance routines to follow. Even as you keep up with these scheduled service appointments, there is still a chance that issues may pop up. One of those problems could be related to the cooling fan module.The cooling fan module is responsible for keeping a constant flow of air in the cabin of your Volvo. The cooling fan module is what controls the blower for the cabin air.

    The cooling fan module and the air conditioning are directly related. When you turn on your air conditioning, the cooling fan module blows the air into the car to keep you cool. This way, you will have a fresh air supply even when you have the windows rolled up.

    In addition to the fans near the air conditioning, the cooling fan module has fans under the hood near the radiator, in order to keep the parts under the hood from getting too hot. As you can see, the cooling fan module is a part that is necessary for your Volvo. Below you will find symptoms to watch for that could indicate when the cooling fan module needs to be repaired.

    Warm Air in Cabin

    The first indicator that there may be an issue with the cooling fan module is that there will be warm or hot air in the cabin of your Volvo. This is something that will be noticeable to you almost immediately. Your Volvo’s air conditioning will be set to cool, but the air in the cabin will not be cooling down. When the cooling fan module needs to be repaired, the blower that is connected to it will no longer function, so cool, fresh air will not be blown into the cabin of your vehicle.

    Overheating Engine

    Another symptom that will pop up with a cooling fan module malfunction is the overheating of your engine. When you are driving, it only makes sense that the engine is constantly running and burning energy. As it is working, a lot of heat is being produced. In order to prevent this from causing the engine to overheat, the cooling fan module needs to function properly. There are blowers around the hood that help to keep the engine cool. If these blowers are not getting the connection from the cooling fan module, then the engine will overheat.

    Cooling Fan Module Running Nonstop

    A third symptom of a cooling fan module fault is that it does not stop running. As previously stated, the cooling fan module is in place to regulate the temperature inside of your Volvo, and it will work to bring down the temperature if it is too hot. Once it reaches the optimal temperature, it should turn off or slow down in power. If the cooling fan module needs to be repaired, there is the potential that it will not stop running at full power, even when the temperature has been lowered to the set measurement.

    The cooling fan module could even go as far as remaining on once you have turned off your Volvo completely. This is a very good indicator that the module needs to be repaired. Call your trusted Volvo mechanic to have this repaired as soon as possible to prevent your engine from overheating and to keep you cool inside your cabin.

    Volvo Cooling Fan Module Repair

    Repairing the Volvo’s Cooling Fan Module

    Choosing the right shop to take care of your Volvo is important. Masters European and Japanese Auto Repair will use our latest tools and diagnostic equipment to find the root cause of your Volvo’s problem. We care about the intricacies of your car and look forward to becoming your trusted Volvo repair, maintenance, and servicing center. We proudly serve all around the areas of Mill Valley, Corte Madera, Larkspur, Sausalito, and Tiburon, CA. we will work with you to create an affordable plan to ensure your cooling fan module is properly repaired so you can drive away safely with an ample supply of fresh, cool air to fill your cabin and keep your engine running smoothly.

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