• How to Deal With Volvo Front Strut Failure

    Posted on September 13, 2022 by masterwpuser
    Volvo Damaged Front Strut

    Safety and comfort are the top priority of the Volvo brand. This is why the car comes with a front strut that ensures that your car is protected while on the road. The location of the front strut in Volvo vehicles is at the top of the shock absorbers, which join the suspension systems of the car to the wheels. The primary function of this component is to carry the weight of the car as you drive. Its other function is to minimize the impact when the car hits a road bump or pothole so that you will enjoy a smooth ride.

    This component can fail, and the result would be that the occupants of your Volvo would feel all the effects of the rough road. This may not seem like a problem; however, a failed front strut can put your life in danger because the vehicle’s suspension and transmission would be affected. It would also lead to spending on repairs.

    Common Causes of Front Strut Failure in Volvo

    The following are the reasons why the front struts in your Volvo have failed:

    • Wear and Tear: The front strut in your Volvo has the possibility of wearing and tearing, just like other electrical and mechanical components in your car. This is why it is important that they are checked, and when necessary, they should be replaced.
    • Driving over Curbs: Constantly hitting curbs when turning your Volvo or when turning around sharp corners would affect the front struts and even other components in the air suspension system.
    • Driving over Portholes at a High Speed: If you are in the habit of driving your Volvo through portholes at a very high speed, then the front struts of your Volvo are probably damaged. Not only that, the ball joints of your air suspension system might also be damaged as a result of your Volvo’s impact with the road when speeding through portholes.
    • Rust: Exposure of your Volvo to water (especially salt water) might corrode the air suspension system of the vehicle. If this happens, the front strut would be affected, and it would fail. To avoid this, as much as possible, be careful when driving through puddles or water If possible, avoid it totally. The under of your Volvo should also be washed regularly to prevent rusting.

    Symptoms of Front Strut Failure in Volvo

    The following are some of the signs that indicate that the front struts of your Volvo has begun to fail:

    • Abnormal Sounds When Driving Over Road Bumps: Since the front struts of your vehicle absorb the impact of driving over bumps to give you a smooth drive, if it fails, you would begin to hear sounds as if two metal plates are grinding on each other. You may hear the sound from the front tire of your Volvo.
    • Rough Rides: The front struts were designed to give you the most comfortable ride that Volvo vehicles are known for. If it fails, your rides may become uncomfortable as your Volvo hits curbs, bumps, and other road defects, causing the performance of your car to decrease.
    • Drifting of your Car: The front struts connect your Volvo suspension system; definitely, if the front struts fails the suspension system will most likely develop a fault. This may cause your Volvo to start drifting from one speed to another, and you and you may lose control of your steering.

    The Dangers of Not Replacing Bad Struts

    It is dangerous to drive your car without checking and replacing the front struts regularly. Your Volvo may look fine and function properly with faulty front struts but unknown to you the suspension system of your car may develop issues over time. If you fail to replace faulty struts, you may pay more to fix problems that would come as a result of the fault.

    To protect your vehicle’s suspension system together with your front struts to prevent damage from bad roads. Failure of the struts would leave your car susceptible to damage and may affect the control of your steering if the bushing and tie-rods fail.

    Volvo Front Strut Repair

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