• How to Deal with a Thermostat Housing Failure in Your Jaguar

    Posted on September 27, 2021 by masterwpuser
    Jaguar Thermostat Housing

    As a classy British car associated with speed and style, Jaguar is an enviable vehicle to own and drive. A common mechanical failure that tends to plague Jaguar owners is thermostat housing failure.

    Many Jaguar models utilize plastic parts for consequential processes, like thermostat housing, which are vulnerable to breaking and cracking over time. Jaguar owners should be aware of this issue and look for signs of thermostat housing failure, which can lead the engine to overheating.

    Thermostat Housing Failure

    No vehicle is free of natural wear and tear, but the issues you might encounter with each manufacturer can vary. The thermostat in the engine is sheltered by a case to “house” the component. The part not only protects the thermostat but also has coolant flowing through it.

    Some Jaguars, especially the later models, tend to use plastic for the housing component to shield the thermostat. As time goes on, the part is subject to wear and tear, leaving it vulnerable to cracking and breaking. The coolant system might leak, and as a result, the engine becomes overheated. This requires a Jaguar specialist to replace the thermostat housing.

    Some Jaguar models utilize aluminum for thermostat housing, which is more durable and can have fewer issues. Maintenance and inspection is still recommended regardless of the materials used for this component.

    Symptoms of Thermostat Housing Failure in Jaguar

    Fortunately, mechanical issues with your vehicle do not usually take place in a vacuum. If your car is breaking down, there will usually be some sounds, smells, or signs of a malfunction. Thermostat housing failure in a Jaguar is no different.

    We’ve put together a list of potential symptoms below. It can be challenging to find the actual cause of a problem, so it is a good idea to take your car to a qualified auto repair shop when signs of trouble appear.

    • Coolant Leaking in the Thermostat Housing Area: If you are comfortable around the engine of your Jaguar’s type, open the hood and locate the thermostat housing to check for any coolant leaks circling the housing. The coolant color will depend on the coolant you use, but coolant could be orange, green, red, pink, and more. It will likely be bright and will likely be sweet-smelling so it’s easy to recognize. If you have a coolant leak, take your Jaguar to a qualified mechanic to check it out.
    • Engine Overheating: Do not forget to keep your eye on the various gauges on the dashboard of your Jaguar. These are for your benefit and to alert you of the current health status of your car. If you are worried that there might be an issue with your thermostat housing system, focus your attention on the temperature gauge for a reading that is above average. The coolant is no longer having the proper effect on your engine and is overheating. Have your mechanic run a diagnostic as soon as possible.
    • Engine Temperature is Low: The opposite of the situation of the engine overheating is an engine temperature that is too low. Sometimes too much coolant is being deposited. As with the engine overheating issue, look on the dashboard to view the temperature gauge. If the temperature is low, you might be having issues with the thermostat housing. Problems with your vehicle’s performance and higher emissions can be the result of waiting.

    Jaguar Thermostat Housing Check

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