• How Long Does the Battery of Your BMW i8 Last?

    Posted on September 10, 2021 by masterwpuser
    BMW i8 Car

    For over one hundred years, BMW has made vehicles renowned for their quality and safety. Having been pioneers first in the field of aircraft design, then spreading to luxury cars, formula one racers, and even motorcycles, the company’s reputation is beyond reproof. Although they are some of the most reliable on the road, there is still routine maintenance that needs to be done, and some issues may arise that require professional attention.

    BMW has continued this commitment to producing high quality vehicles into the world of electric & hybrid vehicles. With a staggering acceleration of zero to sixty miles per hour in just 4.4 seconds, this earth-conscious car is unlike any other on the road today. The addition of the unique battery system required to operate as a hybrid does come with its own unique considerations for the owner.

    The BMW battery is a specialized part that may need attention before your next regularly-scheduled maintenance. This requires extra vigilance on the part of the owner to be able to recognize a problem and know when to bring your BMW to a qualified service center. There are also some common questions to consider, namely what sort of battery life to expect.

    Battery Life and What to Expect

    There are some considerations and cautions to consider, whether this is your first exploration of the world of electricity driven cars or you’re considering bumping up to a newer model of this powerhouse. Either way, the battery is a major component and one not to ignore as a prospective buyer or owner of one of these hybrids.

    • Distance on Battery Alone: A common misconception of hybrids is that they are all or even predominantly battery powered. Only the minority can boast such a claim, and the i8 is not one of them. To look at just mileage on battery life alone, which would hardly be a selling point for any hybrid, the i8 has historically averaged about 18-23 miles. This is not to be considered any sort of magic number because the car is designed to operate shifting between the 2 power systems. There would be a serious malfunction if you ever found yourself relying solely on the BMW i8 battery alone.
    • Shifting for Economy: The tremendous value to be experienced lies in the ability to move between power systems as needed. Of course, lower emissions and environmental consciousness are very important, but drivers often find the incredible average of 120 miles per gallon of gas to be a truly appealing factor.
    • Charging Time Expectations: Another consideration easily forgotten is how quickly your electricity-consuming vehicle can go from empty to fully charged. On a typical 120 volt plugin, this lithium ion battery can be expected to be fully juiced in roughly two to 3 hours. Check your owner’s manual for the mileage you will get on one charge.
    • Battery Life Expectancy: Just as the vehicle itself is priced in the luxury range, it is appropriate to consider what it will cost to inevitably replace the specialized battery itself. This factor is determined greatly by the individual owner’s use, but an average life span could be expected to last between 6 & 10 years. That offers a lot of room in between. This estimate is based on how your drive and how often your drive, since this varies greatly from one driver to the next. This is a known concern, but the vehicle itself will give its driver plenty of warning before wear and tear on the battery becomes a problem.

    BMW i8 Battery Inspection

    Masters European & Japanese Auto Repair is Here for Your BMW

    There are many considerations to owning and maintaining a hybrid vehicle, particularly a BMW i8 model. There are also many rewards as well, especially where BMW has compromised nothing in performance to offer something fresh and new to the vast field of options in their line of automobiles.

    Masters European & Japanese Auto Repair specializes in European makes and models. We serve the Mill Valley, CA area including Corte Madera, Larkspur, Sausalito and Tiburon. Call to schedule an appointment or stop by to have our technicians take care of you and your BMW today!

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