• Factors That Lead to a Failed ABS Accumulator in Your Jaguar

    Posted on February 14, 2020 by masterwpuser
    Jaguar ABS Accumulator Issue

    A common problem Jaguar models face is ABS accumulator malfunction and failure. When the ABS accumulator fails, your driving performance will be severely affected, and it can even become unsafe to get behind the wheel. It is wise to know the factors leading to this failure so you can recognize the warning signs when they appear and have your ABS accumulator serviced by professionals. Let’s take a closer look at the ABS accumulator, its function, and how to recognize warning signs of its breakdown.

    What is the ABS Accumulator?

    The ABS accumulator is a storage device that gathers up the necessary pressure to help your anti-lock braking system stop your Jaguar quickly. Essentially, it stores air at high pressures, only releasing it when the ABS system gives the command for help with hard braking.

    Reasons Behind ABS Accumulator Failure

    When the ABS accumulator fails, there are several factors that could be behind why this has happened. Let’s take a look at broken diaphragms and nitrogen pressure.

    The most common reason why the accumulator fails is a broken diaphragm. The diaphragm is a thick, rubber part designed to seal pressurized air in the accumulator. When it fails, the seal breaks and the ABS accumulator can no longer store and build this pressure. Sometimes, a faulty diaphragm may even cause fluid to leak into the component, preventing it from filling with air at all. This can be extremely dangerous, as it cannot aid in hard braking when you need it most.

    A drop in nitrogen pressure may also be the cause of ABS accumulator failure in your Jaguar. The nitrogen keeps the air inside the accumulator pressurized. When the nitrogen pressure drops, the accumulator’s pressure also drops.

    When the pressure in your accumulator rises too high, the high pressure itself can burst this rubber piece if too much is being stored at one time. Extreme heat can also cause the diaphragm to fail because rubber can warp or melt at high temperatures from overuse.

    Nitrogen pressure may drop because of sudden temperature changes. Nitrogen is a gas, and it reacts to heat and cold in different ways. Cold weather can cause this pressure to drop in your Jaguar, which will affect the ABS accumulator’s performance as a result.

    Warning Signs of ABS Accumulator Failure

    If you suspect that your ABS accumulator has begun to fail, you should be on the lookout for these changes in your driving experience.

    The first thing that you may notice is that your Jaguar’s brakes are not as responsive as you are accustomed to. You may have to push down on the pedal more forcefully in order to bring your car to a complete stop. This can be a scary experience and may prompt you to immediately bring your Jaguar to a professional repair shop for inspection.

    In advanced cases, the brakes could become completely unresponsive. This is extremely dangerous, as safe driving relies heavily on being able to stop when you need. In the event of an emergency, you could experience a collision with another vehicle or worse, a pedestrian. This is why it’s crucial that you take your Jaguar to a professional team of automotive technicians when you first notice your brakes becoming less responsive.

    Jaguar ABS Module Check

    We Efficiently Repair ABS Accumulators

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