• Causes of Transmission Overheating in a Lexus in Mill Valley

    Posted on January 24, 2022 by masterwpuser
    Lexus Delayed Gear Shifting

    Excessive transmission heat is a nightmare for your Lexus and is an indication of internal damage. It could be a transmission fluid issue, such as a leak, low fluid level, or impure fluid running through the system. This can also be attributed to too much transmission fluid, which causes excess pressure within the transmission among other issues.

    As the gears spin, springs expand and turbans whirr, and a lot of friction is generated, leading to heat generation. The heat can cause stress fractures and damage to other internal components.

    When you experience overheating of your transmission, it’s advisable that you immediately seek the service of a certified motor garage. If you ignore it, you may end up spending an arm and a leg, considering Lexus is a high-class vehicle.

    Radiator and Cooling System Issues

    Regardless of the time, distance or speed traveled, your vehicle’s radiator and cooling system are responsible for keeping all important elements of your vehicle, including the transmission cool. If the transmission is overheating, one of the main culprits is the radiator and cooling system, so have them both checked immediately.

    Check the radiator for any leakages that may lead to this problem. Take a look at the front of the radiator and make sure that it is clean and free of any dirt, mud, or material like plastic bags.

    Low Fluid/Bad Fluid

    This is the most common reason your transmission will overheat. The function of transmission fluid is to keep your transmission lubricated at all times for optimal performance. If the fluid is little in amount, it means it must overwork to keep the transmission working and this results in overheating. Too much fluid can also cause pressure in the transmission leading to overheating.

    Bad, burnt, or old fluid will also contribute to this problem because the fluid cannot properly perform its lubrication function. Make sure you change your fluid on schedule and fill in the recommended fluid for Lexus and in required amounts.

    Hot Weather

    Extreme weather can test even the most powerful cooling system. Your transmission will tend to overheat in arid, harsh climates and break down in normal conditions. Ensure you accord it enough time to cool down. Also, park your car under the shade if possible to keep essential parts cool.

    Solenoid Issues

    Solenoids are found in the transmission system. They are electro-hydraulic valves that regulate the flow of fluid in and out of the automatic transmission. There are various kinds of solenoids, including the transmission shift solenoid, the lockup solenoid, and the transmission control solenoid. If the solenoid fails, the amount of fluid will be plenty in the transmission pan and not into the transmission itself.

    When you experience delayed gear shifting, you can’t downshift, your engine continues to rev even when applying the brakes, your transmission gets stuck in neutral, shifting gears become rough and choppy then you are having solenoid issues. Visit us as soon as possible for our mechanics to check your transmission.


    Just like a human carrying a heavy load under a scorching sun and without enough hydration, your Lexus will dehydrate similarly while towing. While using your Lexus to tow, fluids inside your vehicle’s engine and transmission become heated. This can harden and seal up metal components. It is important to ensure that all your fluid levels are checked before using your car to tow.

    Heavy Use

    Aggressive driving, stop and go traffic and long driving hours cause automatic transmission to work harder than normal, causing it to overheat. It is advisable that you drive carefully and watch any signs of heating up to maintain your Lexus.

    For the proper functioning of your automatic transmission make sure you check the level of fluid, use the recommended fluid for your model and adhere to your service schedule. If you have transmission overheating around Mill Valley visit:

    Lexus Transmission Fluid Check

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