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    Posted on February 10, 2022 by masterwpuser
    BMW Steering

    Since the emergence of BMW into the auto industry, the company has continued to set the bar high, making it one of the most sought-after vehicles. The popularity of BMW is owed to the master engineering put into the production of their engines.

    While conducting routine maintenance will help ensure the proper functioning of your BMW engine, the same cannot be said for the BMW N52 engines. The BMW N52 engines fitted in the BMWs vehicles manufactured between 2004-2015 were infamous for the ticking and rattling noises caused by faulty hydraulic valve lifter.

    Regardless of sticking with routine maintenance, drivers still experienced ticking noise from the engine. While the noise was more frequent in vehicles that had passed 50,000 miles, they were also apparent during short drives and freezing weather conditions.

    What is the function of the lifter in your BMW?

    The lifter is short for a hydraulic valve lifter, which is located in the engine of your BMW. The lifter consists of the body, socket, plunger, and the check ball mechanism. The primary function of the lifter is to create enough space for all the different parts of the engine in your BMW to contract and expand when the internal temperature increases. The role of the lifter is essential because the hood of your vehicle doesn’t create enough room for the expansion of engine parts.

    Causes of Lifter Issues in Your BMW

    Drivers were worried about the cause of the irritating noise, and for years, mechanics couldn’t identify the cause of the noise. After extensive investigations and tests, the failure of the hydraulic valve lifter was recognized as its cause.

    For the lifter to keep ensuring contraction and expansion of the engine parts, it needs lubrication. When it doesn’t receive enough lubrication, and the problem is left unattended, you will hear the ticking sound coming from the hood of your car. The lubrication problem can also cause the moving parts in your engine to rub against each other, causing costly damage to your engine.

    Apart from insufficient oil for lubrication, cold temperatures also affect the operations of the lifter. Cold can make the lifter stiff and hinder it from functioning correctly, causing the ticking noise coming from under the hood of your vehicle.

    Hence, whenever you notice any noise from your vehicle, you should visit your mechanic immediately for a proper diagnosis to prevent irreparable damage to your car.

    Symptoms of Faulty Lifter in BMW

    The first thing you will notice is the ticking sound which can be frustrating and discomforting you as you drive. Even though other faulty parts of your BMW can make a ticking sound, most times, the lifter is always the culprit whenever you notice the ticking sounds coming from under the hood of your vehicle.

    The engine of your BMW might start to stall when the lifter gets faulty. You will notice that the engine turns off independently, which is dangerous because it can cause accidents. Hence, when you notice that your engine is stalling, contact your mechanic immediately to have it fixed.

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    BMW Lifter Ticking Issue Check

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